If you haven’t heard yet, IHOP Atlanta is offering free tuition to our internships this fall. That’s right, FREE! Your meals and housing are on your own, but the tuition (normally $1000) is waived.

So for real, why are we doing this? Great question! Someone joked with me recently about having an education policy similar to one of the democratic presidential candidates. While that’s very cute, it’s not true. I love being generous but I’m certainly no fan of socialism. But I have to agree, free tuition to our internships does beg the question, why.

I have been in full time ministry for over 20 years. During the last two decades I have helped lead a variety of discipleship program, varying from 4 weeks to 4 years long. In my experience, the greatest discipleship tool I have ever seen is the prayer room. Something powerful happens to your heart when you turn in adoration and intercession to encounter the One for whom you are made. There is an unusual depth of relationship with the Lord that a 3 month season in the prayer room produces. It’s true, the Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher of human hearts. When we give Him the opportunity, He loves to instruct us and reveal Jesus to us.

At the beginning of the year the Lord challenged our leadership team to encourage as many people as possible to do an internship at IHOP Atlanta. We felt urged to take the barriers out of the way so people could encounter the Lord in the place of worship and prayer. At the same time, a good ministry friend of ours challenged us to take a step of faith and offer our training programs for free.

We’ve never used our programs to make lots of money. In fact, the truth is we have only ever charged what it costs to actually run the program. But this friend’s challenge was just the nudge we needed to take a step of faith, to remove the most significant barrier, so people could come and experience the Lord in a focused way in the place of worship and prayer.

So why offer free internships? Because we want nothing to stand in the way between you and the encounter the Lord has for you. Because 3 months of focused worship, prayer, study and practical ministry can change your life. Because the gospel is free and so should discipleship be. Because we’re living in troubling times and the bride needs to be made ready to stand faithfully in love. Ultimately, because Jesus is worthy of our love and affection without any hindrances.

We don’t know if we’ll ever do this again, but we’re going for it this Fall. Honestly, it’s a huge step of faith for us but we’re trusting the Lord to provide. I want to encourage you—if you’re considering doing an internship, go for it! Jesus wants to encounter you deeply. I believe this Fall could be a divine appointment for you.

For more information or to fill out an application visit http://ihop-atlanta.com/training/

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