Imagine yourself in your house or in a place you have stayed often.  How do you dwell in that place? You “sit down” and remain there.  Though you may not always literally sit, you stay inside the house and as long as you are in the house you are “dwelling there.” Then obviously, when you get up and go out of the house, you are no longer dwelling there. Perhaps you may dwell there often, but you do not dwell there permanently. Although we may come and go from a physical place, we were created to dwell in the Most High permanently!

“He who dwells.”  Dwell means to remain, to sit down. These three words are the beginning words of a promise that is given:

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty (Psa 91:1).

He who dwells shall abide.  Rephrased: He who sits down shall remain permanently.  This is a magnificent promise!  We are invited to sit down and remain permanently in the Most High, the Almighty.  We can sit down and remain permanently in the Highest and the Most Powerful seat in all creation. This is available through simple childlike faith in Christ Jesus. He is the avenue to dwell permanently in the Most High (Joh 14:16, 20).

And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever (Joh 14:16).

We dwell with the Most High in His house and He dwells in us. Dearly loved children of God: dwell in Him and allow Him to dwell in you.  Come to Jesus moment by moment by faith. Trust with all of your heart. Dwell and you will abide. “Sit down” in the Most High and you will remain consistently under the Almighty and experience the wisdom and beauty of His leadership throughout the days of your pilgrimage in this present age until you see Him face to face. Dwell and abide.

Now pray: Father, teach me how to dwell in You and abide with You. Show me Jesus and how He abided in You as He walked the earth. Teach me to take time to “sit down,” allowing You to quiet my soul and give me rest throughout each moment along the journey. When I get fearful and anxious, remind me to draw near to You.