Engaging Our Children in the Great Commission

Although many of us may not be called to the nations, we are still called to partner with the Lord’s heart for unreached people groups wherever we are at. Most importantly, we can cultivate a culture of prayer and missions in our homes by involving our children. We can bring our children alongside us by learning about, praying for, and sowing into the 10/40 window.

There are many resources available to engage our children in the Great Commission. Below, I highlight just a few:

1.) Joshua Project

This is a website as well as an app that emphasizes a specific unreached people group of the day, locates where they are on the map, and provides detailed information about their culture and religion, as well as giving accurate prayer points for that particular people.

It may take only 10-15 minutes a day, but is a tangible way to get our children involved in the Great Commission.

2.) Off-Road Encounters (Frontiers USA)

These are a series of thirteen videos that are online on Vimeo. They tell of the adventures of a family traveling around the world together and targeting some of the most unreached areas. The videos make known the family’s journey and experiences and give insight on being a missionary in some of the hardest places on earth.

3.) Kids On A Mission

This is an excellent website for kids to be informed of unreached people groups. Go to the website www.kidsonamission.com and click on the ‘resources’ tab. This website provides activities and videos of kids living all over the world, even in places that are considered hostile to the gospel. In the videos, it includes young kids sharing about their day on the mission field and the culture they have to adapt to while serving alongside their parents as missionary kids.

4.) World-Views

You can sign up on the website https://world-views.com/ to discover the five different religions in the world today. There is also a curriculum that you can download that corresponds to the videos as well as provides activities and games which make it exciting and appealing for even younger children.

5.) Books and more books!

There are a copious amount of books available to inspire children to think beyond their worldview and learn about other cultures. One of the books that I love is Missionary Stories With the Millers, which is compiled of many gripping and powerful stories of missionaries who served all over the world. It reveals the many challenges and hardships they experienced as well as the miracles God did while they were serving on the mission field. It’s difficult for me to keep my eyes dry as I read these stories to my children.

Other books that I enjoy are The Good News Must Go Out and Praying Through the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window.

There are so many ways that we can include our children in the Great Commission and stir their hearts for the gospel to run swiftly across this nation. We do not have to wait until they’re older, but we can invite them to share in the Lord’s heart even now, which includes the salvation of every tribe, tongue, and nation.


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